Huntsman Committee

Event Planning

Howdy boys. Here’s what I need you to do for event planning. This needs to be done by the end of Spring Break. Spend some quality time on it, PLEASE!

1) Click here and see which event(s) you are assigned to. If you are working with someone on an event, make sure to coordinate the following steps with them. Don’t let George do it…

2) Download and fill out this form completely and email it to

You can find all the solicitation documents here (includes brochure). Should help you with at least the short description, and maybe give you inspiration for the rest as well.

Business Solicitation
Follow Up

Ello again. Like above, follow the instructions and everything should be easy peasey.

1) Look at the list below and make note of which businesses you need to follow up with:

– Broad Street Tattoo
– Cake in a Box

– All businesses you solicited

– Doorway Beyond Body Arts
– Just Desserts

– My Sister & I
– Yankee Clipper

2) Click here for the business directory, including contact information. Call them and set up a time to get their donation! DON’T RELENT, KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!

Click here for the guide to business solicitation.

Click here for the solicitation map.


Solictation Letter

Remember to correct the date on the letter to reflect the day you’re soliciting before printing!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Form


Click here for a list of Huntsman Committee positions

Weekly Tasks

Tasks to be accomplished for 11/11/15


Agenda from 11/4/15

There was no agenda shared for 10/29/15

Agenda from 10/21/15

Agenda from 10/14/15

Agenda from 10/07/15

Agenda from 09/23/15


Minutes from 10/29/15

Minutes from 10/21/15

Minutes from 10/14/15

Minutes from 10/07/15

Minutes from 09/23/15

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