Rush Week 2017

The Theta Zeta Chapter of Sigma Chi’s rush week ofRush Week 2017ficially begins Monday September 18th.  If you have any interest in Greek life or joining Sigma Chi please rush!  Feel free to come to as many events as you would like!
Questions? Contact-
Connor Kearns at (774) 313- 7493 or
Eric Reissfelder at (774) 454- 7026

Drive for Five

From August 3rd to the 5th of 2017 The Theta Zeta Chapter of Sigma Chi went down to Bowling Green State University for the annual Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.  Our Chapter received our 5th consecutive Peterson Significant Chapter Award.  This is the highest award that can be bestowed upon an undergraduate chapter.  A job accomplished only by the efforts of all our brothers, active and alumni. #InHoc

Pasta Social

The Theta Zeta chapter of Bridgewater State University has been on campus for a little over a month, and are already reaching out and associating with other Greek Life. Our chapter has begun to form a relationship with the sorority Delta Phi Epsilon. The two Greek organizations came together and enjoyed a pasta social dinner, where we introduced each ourselves, socialized, and enjoyed some great pasta.

Day 2: Huntsman Olympics

After wrapping up the second day of the Huntsman Olympics, DPhiE  leads with 240 points! Yesterday’s Scavenger Hunt and Tag a Sig events had Olympians running madly about Bridgewater. This evening’s Trivia Night saw the teams exercising their minds with questions in various categories. Stay tuned to see how the Olympics unfold!

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